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    MAX Velocity & Arm Care Training

    Dynamic Baseball Training LLC at Extra Innings brings you the MAX Velocity Training Program!

    The max velocity and arm care program is meant to be an 8 week guide to not only building your throwing arm strength but also helping with your throwing motion and enabling you to throw pain free. The goal of the program is undoubtedly to develop a stronger, faster and more powerful arm-body connection along the neurological-physiological continuum, but it also serves as a self-correcting part of the kinetic chain. All of the exercises used in the velocity program has been scientifically proven to provide the athlete with beneficial strength and movements that will most importantly help them on the baseball diamond. This program is driven by data and results will be achieved by hard work.

    Baseball & Softball MAX Velocity Training | Extra Innings Muskegon

    Highlights of this program:

    • 8 Weeks of arm strengthening for all baseball position players
    • World Class Data Driven Training
    • Training to meet the demands of baseball on a players arm
    • Plyo ball exercises
    • Lower half conditioning
    • Warmup and Cool down exercises for the arm and shoulder
    • Training modalities for ideal arm paths and functions
    • 2 sessions per week
    • Potential for huge velocity gains
    • State of the art training area with Modus Sleeves & Radar
    • Motus Sleeve use and testing of UCL stress (Tommy John)
    • Simulated Long Toss Programs
    • Speed and agility
    • Rapsodo pitching analysis

    Arm Care and Velocity programs with Muskegon Clippers pitching Coach Steven Cutter begin in October!

    Coach Cutter's Arm Care and Velocity Program is a high intensity program for baseball players ages 14 and up. Due to the intensity of the program all players must first have a screening session with Coach Cutter here at Extra Innings in order to be authorized to participate in the program and to see what the program will require. Screening sessions will take about 30-45 minutes and will cost $35. Appointments for these may be set up by calling Extra Innings at 231-799-8172.

    Once the 8 week training program is completed, players will have the option to continue their off season training using workouts given to them by Coach Cutter on the equipment here at Extra Innings. This is optional, the cost will be $40 per month, and players can do this for as long as they would like and stop at any time.

    Level 1 Velocity and Arm Care Program

    14yrs and up - 8 Weeks - Twice per Week
    Cost $300.00 per athlete
    Space is limited to the first 10 athletes

    Level 1 is the base level and considered the on ramp and growth stage for building the arm and body. All athletes must complete Level 1 before moving on. Due to the high intensity of this program, all interested players must have an assessment with Coach Cutter prior to joining the class. Screening sessions are $35 and it will last approximately 30-45 minutes. Screenings may be set up by calling Extra Innings or stopping at our front desk.

    Classes are on Monday and Wednesday
    nights from 7:30-8:15PM.
    Classes begin October 15th
    and will end on December 5th.

    Level 1 Advanced Pitching with Rapsodo & Motus

    14yrs and up - 8 Weeks - Twice per Week
    Cost $400.00 per athlete
    Limited to 4 Pitchers only

    Athletes will be working extensively on pitching and they will be using Rapsodo Pitching and Motus Sleeve technology. Pitchers will work on pitch design, pitch tunneling and concepts of mental game and approach.

    Classes are on Monday and Wednesday
    nights from 8:30-9:15PM.
    Classes begin October 15th
    and will end on December 5th.

    Level 2 classes will begin in January.

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